Grow your business with the power of messenger marketing
Chatforma gives you 9 highly efficient tools for acquisition, conversion and retention
Automatically reply to your customers
You just need to help a little bit by giving it right AI tags
Your chatbot learns to communicate with your clients
Navigate users with beautiful native features
You just need to use elements different messengers provide: buttons, galleries, quick replies
Your chatbot can help users decide what they want to ask
Help clients find your place nearby
All you need is to set up exact places on map and create content for this trigger
Your chatbot can send recommendations based on user's location
See your users and segment them automatically
Your chatbot is able to segment your audience based on their behaviour.
You only need to set the rules once - users will be automatically distributed to relevant segments always.
Create user segments and perform marketing strategy for 100%
Broadcast your content with high open rate
You can add native elements such as buttons and galleries. You can target special users. Open rate is up to 90%
Create and launch highly openable broadcasts
Automate your sales funnel with sequences
Your chatbot can launch sales funnel in communication process automatically based on users behaviour.
All you need is to create sequence of messages and set triggers only once
Launch automated sequences of messages based on triggers
Take orders and conduct surveys in chatbot
Your chatbot can save users input both with human language and native messengers features. It helps you to:
- Take orders right in messenger
- Conduct surveys
- Get users feedback
- Check in your users for events and etc.
Save any user input you need
Check user input and use this data
You can always see what your users have ordered or replied to your last survey.
You can export replies to .csv files and work with it outside of the platform
Check your users replies and save it
Receive instant notifications about user input
It is that easy to set instant notifications for you and your team to always be aware of new user input in your chatbots. Where do you want to - in your inbox or messenger. We are always with you.
Be aware of new orders or replies
Connect to CRM and 1000 of other apps
Use CRM and want to save users' orders to each lead inside?
Use Google Sheets and want to save users' data right there?
Use Twitter and want to send each Tweet to your chatbot automatically?

Easy as can be.
Chatforma helps you to integrate your chatbots with your business apps
Give access to your employees and partners
You can always give platform's access to your employees or partners.

Moreover, you can create chatbots for other people and give them special access with restricted role.
Want to delegate or outsource chatbots building and maintaining?
Use new technologies to become the first with AI and messenger marketing
Look, there is supposed to be a beautiful simple form that helps to start using our platform.
But the thing is - we have not launched yet, so this is just a draft website.
So now we are not collecting, storing, analysing or using any visitors data at all. Your data and privacy is in safe 100%.